Aruha Day Moisturizer – 100ml


Our day moisturizer is light and non-greasy and nourishes your skin with the goodness of proven natural ingredients. It doubles up as a safe and natural sun protection lotion. 

  • Made for all skin types
  •  Keeps skin hydrated all day
  •  Uses natural compounds to protect from sun damage
  •  With the goodness of olive squalane and oats, Almond and jojoba oil, mango and shea butter to keep the skin fresh and youthful
  •  Oat extracts to soothe irritated and dry skin

Made with the goodness of olive squalene and oat extracts, this Aruha day moisturizer doubles up as a sun protection lotion for all skin types. It has natural compounds that protect your skin from sun damage.

The olive squalene in it is responsible for delivering oxygen deep into your skin. Oat extracts soothe your skin. Fortified further with almond and jojoba oils as well as mango and shea butter, this moisturizer keeps you looking fresh and youthful.


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