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The Journey

The year 2020 was unprecedented in more ways than one, opening opportunities for introspection and leading people to make life-changing decisions. It was no different for Sudha Subramaniam. She decided to go home, after years of living in bustling cities around the world.

It turned out to be a chance to reconnect with nature. Her ancestral home is nestled in a pristine village at the foothills of Tamil Nadu’s Satyamangalam range. Reviving fond childhood memories, she began growing her own herbs and flowers and including them in her daily activities.

Sudha found the herbs and flowers enriching her skin and haircare rituals. She soon immersed herself into creating her own oils, powders, and scrubs. She took her time perfecting them and the effects were phenomenal.

Emboldened by the results and driven by her persistent quest for wellness, Sudha set out to share her creation with the world. She envisioned making self-care effortless, effective, and enjoyable.

And, Aruha was born.

The World of Aruha

From a trickle to a world – founded on Sudha’s passion to make wellness simple and accessible, we believe that looking good begins with feeling confident in your own skin. With Aruha, we invite you to experience wellness crafted to make that confidence shine.

We offer a deeply transformative idea: take time to care for yourself and you’ll have what you need most to look your best. In this time, choose to be aware of what you use on your skin and hair. In this time, choose to connect with yourself and really observe what works for you and what doesn’t. Keep this time just for You. We invite you to create your own ritual of cleansing and nourishing yourself, with our truly pure ingredients.

Remember, these are products born of a self-journey and they can start you out on one of your very own.

Join us to create a string of moments stolen away from hectic schedules and other demands where once again you pay attention to You. And nurture, and cherish, what you find beautiful within You.

Come, be True to You.

By Shuddha Wellness Private Limited

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