Ingredient : Almond Oil

What is Almond Oil?

Scientific studies confirmed what once were merely traditional beliefs, the effects of almond oil on skin. Texturally light and rich in zinc and Vitamins A and E, Almond Oil has a long list of benefits for our health when consumed orally as well as when applied topically. Golden-yellow and liquid in consistency at room temperature, Almond Oil is a power ingredient.

What are the benefits of Almond Oil for skin?

  • Almond Oil is rich in Vitamins A and E, which are highly effective antioxidants that help your skin counteract the ill effects of stress and UV damage efficiently.
  • The non-comedogenic properties of Almond Oil allow it to be absorbed easily into the skin, helping it clean out accumulated debris from the pores.
  • Almond Oil contains zinc which has a hypoallergenic effect that soothes the skin and helps reduce skin irritation and black heads, also controlling acne outbreaks.
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