Ingredient : Walnut Shell Powder

What is Walnut Shell Powder?

As the name suggests, Walnut Shell Powder is obtained from crushing the shells within which walnuts grow. An excellent organic and eco-friendly alternative to microbeads that are commonly used in modern cosmetic products, walnut shell powder is also rich in nutrients that are highly beneficial to the skin. It has been a part of traditional skincare rituals for centuries.

What are the benefits of Walnut Shell Powder for skin?

  • Finely ground Walnut Shell Powder acts as a gentle but highly effective exfoliator. It clears away the dead skin cells and helps your skin look fresh and even-toned.
  • When used topically in a scrub, Walnut Shell Powder helps to make the texture of your skin even and smooth.
  • Walnut Shell Powder also absorbs excess oil off your skin and helps control sebum production, controlling the natural oiliness of your skin.

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