Ingredient : Shallots

What are Shallots?
A variant of the common onion, shallots are smaller and usually used in a fresher condition than onions. Believed to have originated in Ancient Greece, shallots are now cultivated across Central and Southwest Asia. They are used in a variety of cuisines as well as cosmetics. Shallots offer a range of benefits for hair care.
What are the benefits of Shallots for hair?
Shallots are rich in sulphur, which helps boost the production of collagen tissue. This helps in the regrowth of hair, making Shallots a popular hair loss remedy.
Rich in antioxidants, Shallots provide your hair with protection from free radical damage caused by exposure to UV radiation.
The high mineral and iron content in Shallots helps boost hair growth and helps individual hair strands become thicker and stronger. This prevents breakage and split ends.

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