Ingredient : Methi Seeds

What are Methi Seeds?

Cultivated all over the world for its leaves as well as seeds, Methi is more commonly known as Fenugreek globally. Predominantly used in Indian cuisine, Methi is known to be a powerful herbal ingredient with potent effects on our health. Used in many Eastern traditional medicinal practices for a variety of reasons, Methi Seeds are believed to have profound effects when applied topically.

What are the benefits of Methi Seeds for hair?

  • Methi Seeds hydrate the scalp, helping keep it healthy. This reduces hair fall by strengthening the roots of your hair.
  • The hydrating effect of Methi Seeds on your scalp also prevents the formation of dandruff, flaking, and scalp irritations.
  • The high volume of iron and protein in Methi Seeds mean that they help your hair become thick and healthy.
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