Ingredient : Lemon

What is Lemon?

Lemons are the yellow-coloured citrus fruits of the small, thorny, and evergreen lemon trees native to Northeastern India, Northern Myanmar, and Southern China. Lemons have been used in a huge variety of verticals, from foods and beverages to cleaning and cosmetic products for centuries. Due to this massive variety of highly common uses, lemons are cultivated all over the world. Whether consumed orally or applied topically, lemons offer a host of health benefits.

What are the benefits of Lemon for skin?

  • Lemons are extremely rich in Vitamin C and citric acid, making lemon extract a highly effective astringent. Astringents cause skin cells to contract, combating inflammation and preventing everything from blackheads to skin infections and irritations.
  • The naturally low pH level of lemons means it is highly effective in treating and preventing the formation of acne.
  • Lemons are highly effective antimicrobial and antifungal in nature. They also fight natural pigmentation, brightening your skin and helping it maintain an even tone.
  • Boosting the natural collagen production in facial skin, lemons help fight signs of ageing including wrinkles and fine lines.
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