Ingredient : Kaolin Clay

What is Kaolin Clay?

Named after the Kao-ling mountain in China, Kaolin Clay is a white and silicate-rich type of highly skin-friendly clay. Known to be one of the gentlest clays, Kaolin Clay is very rich in a mineral known as kaolinite. Even though kaolinite is found all over the world, the site at Kao-ling mountain is the world’s oldest source of Kaolin Clay.

What are the benefits of Kaolin Clay for skin?

  • When applied topically, Kaolin Clay absorbs excess oil from your skin, helping regulate sebum production and preventing breakouts.
  • Due to its gentle chemical profile and granular, talcum-like texture, Kaolin Clay acts as a natural cleanser and exfoliant that clears dirt and removes dead skin cells to reveal a clear complexion.
  • Kaolin Clay soothes your skin and has mild anti-inflammatory qualities that help give your skin a youthful and fresh look.
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