Ingredient : French Green Clay

What is French Green Clay?

Commonly known as sea clay, French Green Clay is a soft greenish clay powder. More specifically, it is a subtype of clays known as illites. It derives its distinctive green colour from iron oxides and decomposed organic matter such as chlorophyll and algae. The richness of its green colour defines how valuable the clay is. Traditionally believed to have health benefits when consumed orally as well as when applied topically, green clay is most popularly found in the south coastal region of France in addition to other parts of Europe and northwestern America.

What are the benefits of French Green Clay for skin?

  • French Green Clay is traditionally believed to have detoxifying qualities. It has been found to absorb dirt and toxins, drawing them out of the pores.
  • Due to its texture and gentleness on the skin, this clay also doubles up as a cleanser and exfoliator when applied topically.
  • French Green Clay is rich in trace minerals that help firm up the skin by boosting blood circulation and healing blemishes.
  • The healing qualities of this clay make it instrumental in soothing common minor injuries and irritations of the skin such as minor burns, insect bites, and small cuts and scrapes.
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