Ingredient : Mehendi Leaves

What are Mehendi Leaves?

The leaves of the Egyptian Privet tree, also known as the mignonette or henna tree, are known across India as Mehendi Leaves. Most well-known around the world for the natural dye created from these leaves, Mehendi Leaves have been the traditional method to dye everything from cloth and leather to skin and hair for centuries. Historically, it has been used across North Africa, Central Africa, West Africa, the Horn of Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

What are the benefits of Mehendi Leaves for hair?

  • Applied as a part of a hair oil, Mehendi Leaves help prevent premature greying of hair without leaving the signature rust red colour associated with the dye produced using these leaves.
  • The high concentration of Vitamin E in Mehendi Leaves makes them highly effective in locking the hydration into your hair, giving it a soft texture.
  • Mehendi Leaves have antifungal properties which make them effective in fighting off scalp infection and dandruff.
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